Saturday, October 5, 2019

Some of Our Services & Rates

Here are just a few of our services that you may not know we offer.

If your just not sure what’s going on with your PC or Mac, bring it in and we will run a diagnostics test on all of your internal hardware. We will call you within 2 hours of dropping off your computer to tell you the results and what our recommendations are. If you decide to proceed with the repair, we start immediately and typically have your computer back to you the next day. No appointment needed, just stop by when it's convenient for you.

That’s right, we offer a Flat Fee Labor rate of $79.99, which means we don’t charge you by the hour. In the event that multiple services are required to repair your Mac or PC, then we charge $79.99 for the first service and $39.99 for each additional service plus parts and tax. We are always fair and upfront and will tell you exactly how much the repair will cost before hand so there are never any surprises. No appointment needed, just stop by when it's convenient for you.

We have a trade-in trade-up program. You can bring in any working or non-working Mac/PC laptop or desktop and we will give you a minimum of $25 credit towards the purchase of any computer in our store.

Where do we get our computers? Check back tomorrow and we’ll answer that question.

Our #1 priority is service and repairing the computer you bring in to us. However, sometimes it might cost more to fix your computer than it would cost to replace it with a newer, faster computer. In this case we have affordable options.

The majority of our computers come from school district surplus sales. Because the schools are publicly funded, they are required to auction off all of their surplus, which is how we are able to keep our computers so affordable. We are particular about what we buy and look for computers that were high end when they were new. We test all of the hardware to ensure that everything internally is working as it should, we put in new hard drives, and increase the Ram so that in most cases they run better than a new computer. We are also re-sellers for Best Buy so we also have some higher end options at much more affordable prices than buying new.

We do everything in our power to make sure that you get an affordable computer without sacrificing quality. We offer a 30-day parts and labor warranty on all purchases and we offer extended warranties for just $10 a month. In the rare event that you have a problem, just bring it back and we will give you top priority and fix the problem in house and fast. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Delete a file on accident or is your internal or external hard drive not accessible?
We do free diagnostics to see if we are able to recover your files and typically, we can tell you the percentage of health on the drives and the likelihood of being able to recover the files within just a couple of hours of dropping them off. If we can recover your data, you just pay our Flat Fee Labor rate of $79.99. If not, there’s no charge to you. No appointment needed, just stop by when it's convenient for you.

Do you have old computers laying around that you want to get rid of but want to make sure that none of your information on them can be accessed by someone who might get their hands on it? We take the worry out of recycling. We do a Department of Defense wipe on your hard drive to make sure all of your information is completely destroyed before we recycle it.

Maybe you’ve been hanging on to your old computers because you want to get the data off of them before recycling. We can help you with that too. You can bring in all of your old computers at one time and we will take all of the data off of each of them and put them onto a USB. Rather than charging you for each computer, we count them all as one and only charge our Flat Fee Labor of $79.99. Once we have your data saved onto a USB, we do a Department of Defense wipe on your hard drives to make sure all of your information is completely destroyed, and then we recycle everything. No appointment needed, just stop by when it's convenient for you.

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