Saturday, October 26, 2019

Let's Talk Mac

We're often asked what the difference between Mac and PC are, or if Mac's really can't get viruses. In this week's blog we'll answer these questions and a few more.

What are the differences between PC & Mac

Mac’s latest OS update to Catalina

MacOS Catalina‌ is a major update that eliminates iTunes in favor of new Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, nixes support for 32-bit apps, adds a new Find My app, brings a new ‌Photos‌ interface, and includes multiple privacy enhancements and other app refinements.
There are also a number of other 32-bit apps that people won’t able to use either, like older versions of Photoshop or Excel. Yet users seem particularly incensed about Word, perhaps because for many of us it’s so integral to daily life.
Before you upgrade to Catalina, you should check to see whether there are any 32-bit apps on your system. To do this, click on the Apple icon on the upper left corner of your screen and select “About This Mac” from the dropdown menu. Once you see the System Information window, click on “System Report.” Then, find “Legacy Software” on the menu to the left, and you’ll find a list of your 32-bit apps.
If you want to keep using those apps, it might be worth finding newer, 64-bit versions. In some cases, as with Word, you’ll have to buy the updated product. However, newer versions may also be free on the manufacturer’s website or you can just find alternatives – for example, you might find Google Docs to be an adequate substitute for Word. If you for some reason need to keep using 32-bit apps, you can purchase software that will allow you to continue using older Mac operating systems alongside Catalina.

Mac’s Time Machine

Time Machine is a backup software application distributed as part of macOS, desktop operating system developed by Apple. The software is designed to work with AirPort Time Capsule, the Wi-Fi router with built-in hard disk, as well as other internal and external disk drives.

What we love about Time Machine is that unlike a PC, Time Machine will back up all of your files AND the programs you've installed. This makes upgrading your hard drive and buying a new Mac very easy from a customer perspective.

You can find more information on how to back up your Mac with Time Machine on Apple's website:

Mac and Viruses & Malware

We used to hear this a lot: “I have a Mac so I don’t need security software. Mac’s never get viruses or malware.” Over the last year or so, we have seen an increase in Mac computers that have both viruses and malware.

How can this be? I’ll explain at a high level.

The hackers that are creating viruses/malware are looking to infect as many computers as possible. As such, they target the most common computer systems, which is currently Windows operating systems.

Essentially, Macs are safer because statistically there are less people using Macs, however over the last few years we continue to see a steady increase in Mac users. As a result, we are also starting to see an increase in Mac’s that are infected with viruses and malware.

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